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A Beginning Bible Study Taught by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott shows us that there’s nothing else on the planet that’s going to solve your problems, that’s going to take care of anything else in your life but beginning with His Word and getting to know Him – God – through His Word. He’s revealed Himself to us through this Word. Without that Word, all you have are the latest trends that come and go and you’re left with nothing in the end. We as Christians have a responsibility to impart this to as many people as possible. In the world’s eyes I may not be a success because I don’t have the best and greatest of everything, but I have the greatest success story in the world in my salvation and in the knowledge that I have something the world

Tonight we’re going back to the basics. Some of you who are long-timers here are going to say, “I can’t believe she’s doing this.” But I am and I will. Watch me. My favorite thing is to dig in the languages and do what I think is probably my forte: expository work, opening up God’s Word, going to the original languages, that’s my favorite thing. My least favorite thing is telling people that they should listen, because most people don’t want to. And so I thought, how do I begin this evening, because I don’t really want to sermonize to you? This should be an application to first-timers as well as old-timers.

Let’s go back to the beginning, and I’m not necessarily talking about the Bible, I’m talking about your childhood. Did you ever ask your parents, your guardian, or whoever was the responsible person in your life, “Who is God? Does He exist? Is He for real? How do you know He is for real? How do I know that He’s even seeing me in my life?” Did anybody ever ask those questions or am I the only silly person in the room? Because I asked those questions and unfortunately, in my case, never got any answers. I know other people have asked the questions and they go away with more questions unanswered, more questions that nag over the years until they just say, “Ah, there are no answers to these questions. Let’s park this.”

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