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Through the Bible Psalm 23 by Pastor Melissa Scott

It is incomplete as well and it dates back to about 896. Now these dates are relevant for a reason, because many know I do not punctuate. I do not put the marks that are put here normally in your-if a person reads Hebrew, if you encounter this you would find these points added in. And those were done supposedly, we supposedly, we said this from this platform; supposedly that these were added by the Masorites who eventually became renowned for the Masoretic text, that this was done by these scholars so that we would not pronounce the name Yahweh.

So the punctuation marks, supposedly, of the word for ‘Lord’-small, large capital L- small L-o-r-d which is translated Adonai. Supposedly the vowel points that would be attached to this fit under that, supposedly, for us to not pronounce it because it was considered too sacred to pronounce. The Jews called it the Tetragrammaton. But I began to do look at something that became kind of perplexing.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now when we study the manuscripts we find these vowel points, I added them in and these became consistent with the Masorites, they were the ones that literally brought the tradition into a, an exact art if you will. But what perplexed me was I’ve been talking to you about the Septuagint. And that forced me to look at Origen’s Hexapla, which then brought some very interesting questions, because Origen’s Hexapla, occurs way before this time over here, all right, it occurs way before then.

Sometime, you know maybe a couple four, five hundred years before and it has marks on it, vowel marks. That concerned me. So I went to check the Dead Sea Scrolls to see how far back does this idea of marking? It predates the Masorites, it does. In fact if you search the Targums and many of you know this who have been here, if you search the Targums, instead of putting Yahweh, many of the Targums like the Targums Onkelos and Jonathan will abbreviate instead of putting Yahweh, they’ll put yod yod, ya ya instead of, instead of the word that they don’t want to pronounce.

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