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Prayer and Temptation by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now this whole series I’m beginning to realize goes contrary to what I see going on. You see the church world says the new book-here it is. This is the new book. “Today’s book is how to get out of debt quickly and pain free, without any turmoil. Yours if you’ll send” how much money and-you’ve seen the books.

Padtor Melissa Scoot tells us that be grateful that this teaching is going to show us eventually not only that temptation, trial and tempting are necessary but how many times have we read, particularly in the Old Testament about the wine press? And I’m going to reference today the oil press. But the wine press, you cannot get that precious fruit to flow forth and come out of what is the container unless there is crushing and pressure that brings forth.

If we’re talking about wine, the grapes must be crushed and sometimes the crushing is violent. I’ve never seen wine being made where the process is gentle and out of those grapes flow the precious and tender, sweet fruits; likewise olives. And say that because that is what God has basically given us in our growth experience. He didn’t say, “Look, if you’ll just walk and go and as you go with my, the road that I’ve paved so smooth for you, you will grow just simply by walking.” No. You grow by being buffeted. Now my example is Peter. And my example, looking at Jesus and Peter and what happened in that moment; let me say this to you because it’s quite important.

Jesus already knew and foretold of Peter’s failure. And in the restoration process of Peter, Jesus did not belittle him, He did not ridicule him.

He welcomed him back and He gave him a place and a position knowing, by the way, even though other disciples may have fled, this one had suffered through the buffeting that brought forth something that I Peter 1:7 calls “the trying of our faith being more precious than gold that perished,” that when it’s tried by fire. Hello! Anybody listening to me? Because the rest of the world says, “Oh, you might be tried, but certainly, you know, God’s not a, a bad God or malicious God.

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