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Crucified Life by Pastor Melissa Scott

It means that act that happened in the past, its affects are still reverberating and drawing men and women today in a finished act, still effectively working today. I love it. How can you go wrong with that? So He gave Himself for our sins, to meet the condition. And this is what I began to look at. He met the condition and there’s a twofold problem. And this is what I always have, in my mind; I’ve always managed to clump together: the blood and why we needed His shed blood. Why couldn’t He just die? Why did He have to shed blood? And the cross. And this is what came across out of this in a very simple succinct way.

Pastor Melissa Scoot tells us that the blood was going to meet one condition and the cross a daily condition. One would address, the blood, obviously would be that blanket covering. The cross; this is why Jesus said you are to pick up your cross. And I don’t know what yours is. You can’t say what mine is. Each for his own or her own person; that meets our daily needs of our condition; what was nailed to the tree is the Adam container. That had to die for God to start over and give us a new implanted Life. So, again, you know some of us have studied this and it seems like it’s just self-evident.

Why are you bothering me with this? But there are others that are going to wake up to the reality, wait a minute, there’s a deeper message. It means that all those people who tell me that I’m supposed to become a Christian and be perfect, what are they going to do with this? Because my condition, my sinning condition, the atonement, the blood was met and the Adam container was crucified on that tree; but I’m still born in Adam. And this is why those perfectionist teachers that tell you somehow you’re going to become a Christian, you’ll never breathe bad air and you’ll never say a bad foul thing, they need to get real because that’s not what I’m seeing in my Bible. God’s doing this, the internal cleansing.

He’s doing the internal working and the shell is always going to the shell. The shell will be the shell until it’s laid down and put into a crypt somewhere. It’ll be the same Adam shell. What’s inside of me; that’s why when we get to this passage in Galatians 2, it explains what the crucified life is about. I don’t have to puzzle myself with what somebody else tells me. 

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