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The Book of Genesis by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the number was well over a 100 until they have their first child. That was the average age. The anomaly is not that he was 500 years old; Noah, when he had his three children although that’s peculiar, but what is strange is it’s a break in the pattern. Every time we have so and so begat a son whose name was such and such, and he begat sons and daughters not named but always one person is named. Here, three children are named immediately.

Now, I’m going to tell you my opinion. There is no fact anywhere to base this. And in the Apocryphal literature, I think on this point may be a little bit more speculation than anything. My opinion is that these three: Shem, Ham and Japheth were born like triplets. Later on, Ham is referred to as the youngest yet he appears each time in the middle. So, that’s why I said sometimes when we pick apart Scripture we have to be careful to not open too many doors, and you open so many doors there are too many questions that just cannot be answered. God may reveal them in time but He certainly hasn’t revealed them here.

Now, the last time we were here we looked at some of the problems in Scripture. The scholar, Dillman, he analyzed he was not the first by the way but he did it more intelligently than others. He analyzed the Scripture particularly the book of Genesis and came up with that system of identifying the fragments… the last time I said this, I need to write this out for myself, the last time I said this I said it a little strange I said “PG&E” which is the gas company or something. “PJ&E” you say it fast enough it’ll register with you. It’s okay I am human, and I make plenty of mistakes. “Priestly, Jahwist” and for “E” for “Elohim” – “Elohist” writers.

Now we’re looking at an area of the Bible where many scholars will say this contradicts this; we have Noah, the account of Noah seven animals here, two animals here; we have a contradiction here; we can’t confirm this. Let me tell you what I think so we can just put the matter to the side. Let’s just say I wrote the history of my life with Dr. Gene Scott an element let’s just say one Sunday morning when he taught on thus and so. And Emma wrote that same Sunday about what she saw. And those records are buried and then found at a later time and woven together as a tapestry.

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