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There is a purpose for everything by Pastor Melissa Scott

“A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; lower second, third stories.” Now when you see children’s books a lot of times, now do we have an architect sitting in the building here, a famous architect sitting here with us, he is going to love my drawing. I know he is, just pretend you are not here for a minute, all right? The kids, how the kids see the ark, they see the ark like you know something like that and they have the you know…okay three stories, a little roof there like that, a little window, a door here; okay. That’s beautiful. Mrs. Scott’s an artist.

But the fact of the matter is God didn’t say he just gave him the instructions of the measurements and what is interesting is you look through the Bible you will find God gave instructions to Moses. Of course, He did a little bit better with Moses because He gave Moses some people who knew how to work with the materials. Noah got, you know, cheated a little bit. But the thing is God is always giving these directions and they are perfect.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if people will just follow them they are absolutely perfect. Now no one knows what it looked like. We have one scholar who says the thing was just a big three-story block and it had a little thing like that with a gate here, a door. Who knows? We know it had three stories. There is a purpose for that. There is a purpose for everything that God does. Now He says you make a door on the side and a window on the top.

Now most of you that listen, you know how much I love the types woven into the Bible and I do. I mean some people say “Okay that is enough.” The window was given for Noah to look upward. ‘Don’t forget, I am with you always.’ The door, we will read later, was for God; not for the animals. Of course they came in by the door, but there is a great type in there. The window looking into the ark; but for Noah he would have to look up. He could see nothing so he would be sheltered, protected; but he’d be forced to look upward towards God.

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