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Christian journey by Pastor Melissa Scott

But, so this thing here. Tribulation.  Sorry folks, bad news. This is a really bleak message. Tribulation you’ll have with you always as a Christian but there’s good news in this. And let me tell you what the good news is.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that this is why Paul could say such marvelous things about tribulation because he understood without that tribulation, without that pressure of the wheat being pounded into flour, we’re like gold, if we’re not tried by the fire how can we conformed to His likeness? How can we become more like Him if we’re not being tried? And that is part of thing that belongs with the Christian journey and I challenge anybody out there listening to me to try and remove it from the Christian journey.

Christ had to go die on a cross; that was part of His suffering and tribulation. We don’t have to do that; He already did that. Part of our trip in being conformed to His likeness, like the potter having the clay on the wheel that we are, the pressure of His hand and it is the pressure of His hand on us, the clay. Well, we could talk about what the devil does in our life too, that’s a story for another day. I’m talking about this thing that’s part and parcel of the trip. “Aw, Mrs. Scott, this is just terrible news.

You mean I’m going to be in this state always?” Not if you like act like Paul and you read what Paul says. Paul gloried in the tribulation because he knew what the end product was going to be. Thank God for the tribulation, thank God for all of these things that come up against me because they will bring out the best in me until instead of being like the Bible says, you want to know what it says about tribulation, plenty of quotes, I’ve got one good one somewhere in here about tribulation, Acts 14:22; don’t have to go there, I’ll read it to you.

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