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Descriptions of Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that if you’re listening to a doctrine and you want to know well I’m not sure of what about this, what about my little things around my neck? I’m not opposed to you wearing jewelry; I think jewelry’s wonderful. But recognize what it is and where it came from. Now I’m not talking about jewelry, I’m talking about charms that are to certain different elements other than worshiping the one true God. Okay, Mrs. Scott, you just said a mouthful again.

That’s okay. I’m going to keep going, lest anybody say I’m preaching a different doctrine than what’s in the Bible. This is, you know, the echoes of Pop and the echoes of Dr. Scott and an echo out of my mouth: “Preach Christ, just keep preaching Christ. That is the only thing. Everything else that’s out there unless they say to you, this is the element, Christ, fix your eyes on Christ anything other than that is not Christianity. Sorry!

Seven, seven, seven descriptions of Christ and I said we’ll never get a better mental picture drawing of Christ than right here, not even in Daniel is it this complete, clothed and you see in His high priest, judicial kingly attire. “His head and his hairs were white like wool.” And there’s a reason why he says, “his head and his hairs.” This picture of Jesus is in the most glorified state. Not only was His hair, if you read “white like wool” these descriptives, ‘white as snow,’  ‘soft,’  ‘flowing,’ I mean I don’t want to paint Jesus as, as a cotton ball but a very, a very soft picture and yet at the same time we’ll, we’ll hear Jesus say, this soft appearance of love and compassion will also say He hates certain things.

Lest anybody say what Jesus said, will the Scripture confirm what Jesus will say, He’s got a nice loving appearance, He’s compassionate, but He also is a God we know of wrath, love, and, and the other side of love is hate. So His head and His hairs, glowing Shekinah, “His eyes were as a flame of fire.” I like this because not only is it the all seeing, but the eyes that penetrate. It’s like we have the analogy of gold being tried. The eyes that see through to beyond what the human eye can see. “His feet like unto brass, as if they burned in a furnace.” Why? Because when His feet do touch down on that Great Day, judgment will fall on the earth.

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