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In The Kingdom by Pastor Melissa Scott

And when your circumstances look bad and when everything else is falling around you I can tell you I practiced this in the last year when people that I thought that were taught in the Word, that were learned and knew and stood strong in the Faith, that were Christians . A Christian doesn’t turn, you don’t turn your back on another Christian. If you’re brothers and sisters and joint heirs in the Kingdom then you have a responsibility. Am I telling you to go out and do good works? No! You can do all the good works you want till the cows come home, that’s not going to get you into the Kingdom.

And the flip side is, when Christ is in you and you have a heart of love, you’ll find yourself saying for Christ’s sake I can do no other. I’ve said this so many times. I wish there was a way that I could just go up to each and every one of you and say “Listen to what I’m saying! Listen and hear with you heart. Don’t hear with your ears; hear with your heart!  There’s going to be a time and a place we’re all going to have to stand, if you want to call it the bema or the judgment seat   I don’t care where you want to call it, we’re going to all stand.

What’s complicated about just saying, “I trust God?”  Dr. Scott said this for years, “What do you want, trust or perfection, from your loved ones?”  I want you to trust me. I don’t care, I really don’t. I’d rather you hate me and trust me for Christ’s sake. Although if you trust me for Christ’s sake, there’s no way you could hate me. Listen to me, please, listen to me. I believe with all my heart there has to be a time when you say “That’s what I want more than anything.” Now I can stand here and tell you this, and I’m going to close with this.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that when you have had, and I can say from experience, Dr. Scott that was my universe. Still is, just in a different frame of reference   but when that’s gone, tangibly gone, and likewise I’m not a fool, my turn will come too. We all will have our turn to go through that narrow is the way door. From now till the time I reach that door, I not only want to encourage you in the Faith, I want your Faith increased, that you have a secure focus, keeping your eyes fixed on Christ. Stay there, keep pressing in, that’s the focus point. It’s like Pilgrim’s Progress. “You see the light? I think so. Keep going. I think I do, I see it now, I’m there, and you don’t let go until you reach that mark. That’s my message.

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