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Prophetic books by Pastor Melissa Scott

To me the book of Revelation is one of the easiest or easier books to understand. I’ve got more problems with other prophetic books, which are not clearly woven to me as clear as this is. And ‘no scripture is of private interpretation.’ So lest anybody come and say ‘this is what this means.’ Unless you can go and confirm it somewhere else in the Bible, stay away from it. This church in Thyatira – now we’re moving… we were moving north in the seven churches. Now we are going east and slightly south, thirty-five miles inland to this church called Thyatira and as we make the round of the seven churches. Now there’s all kinds of crazy thinking. I don’t want to do too much history today because there’s something way more important to talk about than the historical background.

Pastor Melissa Scott there’s little tidbits in there like tradition and mythology both claim that this Thyatira was founded by the sun god. Je ne sais pas. And that it was first called Pelopia. Possibility. That King Yemenes son in 132 overtook it because it was a Macedonian city used as a military garrison to protect Pergamos. All that’s well and wonderful but there’s something about this church. You know this is the longest letter. Of the seven churches this is the longest letter and on its face value it is the least important church. On its face value as you read it. Or is it? It is bar none in my opinion maybe one of the more important churches. We’re going to see why. But this church, Thyatira, like every city has a claim to fame to it. This one’s a little different.

If you read in Acts find Paul’s first convert in Philippi – or it was a lady from Philippi but her home was in Thyatira. Lydia. That’s Paul’s first convert. Scripture confirms that. Now what’s the big deal about her? It says she was a seller of purple. That’s what Thyatira’s famous for, the color purple. Now now-a-days with all our technology and all the gizmos that we have you can just go grab a box of dye: hair dye, color dye for clothes, shoe dye, any kind of dye. It’s all available on shelf. But back then in the day there were certain things that could only be extracted from plant or from shell. The color purple, obviously a color used for royalty.

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