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The Lord’s supper by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that at Pergamos, they would perform such things in these quasi-temples, quasi-church where they’d snip off just a little bit of the animals hair. Burn, just singe a little bit of the animals hair and then call all their friends around for an all-you-can-eat buffet for something that was supposed to be sacrificed to a heathen or pagan god. They ate it. Here a little bit different. The Lord’s supper, what was put at the beginning. You read it in Luke 13:33 when He’s giving the cup and the bread and He says do this in remembrance of me. It became just another sacrifice added in the church with pomp and circumstance and ceremonial degrees for which the ordinary man and woman could not partake. We went from the broken bread to some round wafer mass-produced in some cookie cutter. When Jesus broke the bread and said “This is my body, broken for you” not ‘this is the circle that I cut nice and round and perfect for you.’ “This is my body, broken for you.” It became another sacrifice. It became ritualistic. Suddenly the distance between the clergy and the people – these poor people that should have been able to partake. And now this doctrine that comes in: transubstantiation, which totally is destroying everything that Jesus came to do. That is just one of many.

I just gave you the worst example of what’s going on at this church. What about to commit fornication? That’s kind of self-explanatory if you have your mind focused on the spiritual realm of things. It’s like saying and I’m going to be ludicrous. It’s not an application to this church at Thyatira but it’s like saying ‘I love Jesus but I also love Ghatamah Buddha and I also love – what’s the fellow’s name? – Tony Robbins, I also love him.’ Put them all in the same, my little pantheon things. And everybody – it’s all good. It’s all good. If it’s there it’s all good. Okay? That’s spiritual fornication.

Or better yet, cause it’s a good time for me to say this. The other place where the church needs reformation is in giving money. Now I’m not ashamed to say that. I see everybody on religious TV pandering you for your seed that you’re going to sew that you might prosper.

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