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The blood of the Lamb by Pastor Melissa Scott

It can’t be seen. So when people say ‘well you ought to walk worthy’ it’s like people taking scripture and saying you, when you take the elements, people love to take that passage that Paul says out of Corinthians and say ‘you must be worthy to partake.’ There is none – not one person, including myself, nobody worthy. We’re made worthy by the blood of the Lamb.

Why? Because – I always come back to this and I’ll keep coming back to this – there’s no difference. If you’re old or you’re young or if you’re in the middle, if you’re rich or poor; it doesn’t matter where you are, it always comes back to this. We have perfected the art of self-justification and self-rationalization. We’re not as bad. And you know how God sees it? He doesn’t care about the worst sinner or the greatest saint. He sees it all the same way. If you’re faithing in Him, like my husband used to say with the spectacles. He puts those glasses on. If you’re faithing in Him, He puts those glasses on. He sees you like a finished product. You’re not. I’m not. But He sees you like that. So my question is if you’re walking around and being beaten down, whether you’re doing the beating on yourself or somebody else, how can God be making you be all that you were meant to be for His sake?

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that now this is not a message for the world. Because frankly if you read John 14:17 the world doesn’t even understand because it can’t see. It doesn’t behold. Do you know what the Hindu’s do? They go and they dunk themselves in the Ghangis to remove guilt. Buddhists they offer votive offerings to Buddha. The Jewish people, they have the mikpha bath and coming very close, but not quite, the Day of Atonement. Why? Because it had to be repeated annually.

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