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God is the original hilarious giver by Pastor Melissa Scott

Why do I say that? If Jesus is our pattern you have to look no further than these few texts. And I’ll name them to you: John 3:16 “God so loved the world, he gave,” gave, “he gave his only begotten Son.” God’s a giver, God is the original hilarious giver! You read about Jesus through twice in the passage.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that  at least maybe four times in Matthew you’ll hear about Jesus: giving power to the disciples; Jesus gave and fed the multitudes; Jesus in Luke 7 gave sight to the blind. He gave. He gave. He gave with compassion. He gave with care. He gave of Himself. And finally He gave Himself completely for us. There’s something wrong with the picture when you think you’re doing something for God. Who got the better deal here? Hello? I like the person who said “Yes.”

Now there’s a flip side to this koinonia. “Well I never heard that before.” Well there is. I’m going to share it with you because it’s really good. And it will make us understand what we just looked at is koinonia being used as a verb. The action of doing something, I did that with my hands, the action of doing something. But there’s koinonia as a noun.

Now before I do this let me talk about Jesus as an offering, verb, and Jesus as and offering, noun. Jesus offered of Himself. You know there’s something like “I’m going to bring my offering” an offering. An offering in an envelope, that is a noun. But the act of taking it out of my pocket and putting it in to the giving plate, that’s an action. Right? It’s a verb, I’m offering. Now Jesus did both, koinonia does both. Koinonia in the verses we looked at is an action word. It’s being used as a verb. But when you come to it as a noun you begin to recognize something. Yes we are joint participators and we are joint sharers. And people say ‘partnership.’ I come back to the marriage. Who got the better deal? And I don’t make any bones about it, I got the better deal. I was somewhere sunk in the gutter somewhere and Jesus found me, picked me up and said “Come on. You’re one of Mine now. Come on.”

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