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In Galatians 1 by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that in Galatians 1, what Paul is saying is “the gospel that I gospelized” or “that I good-newsed to you, by me, what I delivered, that is not according to man, nor did I receive it” – here’s the word, parelabone – “receive it, nor…” – houtay – “was I taught it” – in the past, the e puts it in the past – “was I taught it” or “learned it” – didaste from teaching or learning – “but” – di apocoloupheos; this should be familiar to anybody who sat through my teaching on Revelation. The book gets its name Revelation, that is in the Greek, apo, “out of” from the word coutine, which is to be “unveiled” or “lifted away.” And I love what this does because it was the unveiling of Christ to Paul on the Damascus Road.

And what’s so important is when you get into the grammar; you’ve got genitive. And the genitive case, you old timers know, but for you new folks, the genitive case tells you the origin of something. It’s source emanating from, like we have the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings. It is where things start from or emanate from or out of. So here, the revelation itself is genitive. And the preposition or the particle in front of it is genitive so we have this whole genitive set up basically saying – now watch what brainiacs will do. They will totally take this and say, you’ve all heard this, “Is it subjective genitive or is it an objective genitive?” Well the objective genitive would lessen the revelation, so in essence – let’s make this for everybody to understand.

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