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The Revelation Jesus Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

I actually penned down five important things he will make known or he will remind. The five things: God raised Christ the crucified Messiah from the dead; Christ is at the right hand of the Father. These will be revealed later, but the most important one out of five, I’ll stop on the third: the revelation to him, to Paul, not The Revelation Jesus Christ, but the revelation on the Damascus Road, who while persecuting Christians, he was persecuting Christ. Now that’s a simple, simple thing. And yet I guarantee you when you leave here today there’s somebody in your life that brings persecution, who sits in judgment of you though you’re a walking container of the Holy Spirit. They’re not judging you.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that just think of that because it’s the same concept. We have to be able to look at what Paul is saying, what this man has been through. And he’s now going to try and make the case to say the revelation he received was of Jesus Christ, not just that somebody told him, “Oh, you’ve got to hear the Gospel message. It’s really great.”

But here is what’s interesting. Not only was Paul well-schooled in the whole Judaic realm, but when you read in the Book of Acts beginning at chapter 7; you read Stephen’s beautiful defense of his faith. And the Apostle Paul who is yet Saul, having heard the whole spiel that Stephen addressed to the people…. I guarantee that Saul was not listening to Stephen, there’s a difference between saying, “Preach it brother!” He was dying to throw the rocks, too. That’s why he held the coat. But that very one, that very man could turn around. This is why what he did in persecuting the church, it wasn’t just persecuting the church and the Christians, he did it to Christ.

That’s why I’m not done talking about this subject, but I just want to leave it with you as something to really think about.

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