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God Promises by Pastor Melissa Scott

So when it says here, “who hath blessed us….” “Where’s my blessing?!” “Who hath blessed us with His Word.” His blessing is eulogia. In fact, the exact word is eulogesas, “having blessed.” Eulogesas: He blesses us, He communicates to us through His Word, good words that He speaks to us, “with all spiritual blessings,” pneumatikos. The blessings that God promises in His book are ones spoken with words, good words, revealed through His Word.

I don’t know where we keep getting the idea that somehow the spiritual blessings are things that will line my pocket and do all these things for me. “Spiritual blessings”: we are blessed through His Word, the good Word of Him, which was in the beginning. John 1: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was of the same essence of God.” I’m trying not to do too many “Scottisms” here, but it’s very frustrating because the English language seems to be very lacking for me to say things that I want to say. Just as Jesus was an exegesis in type, when we do scriptural exegesis, we take a verse, we take a passage, and we pick it apart.

The idea is to make it come out from the rest to uncover it, to bring it forth, to reveal its truest meaning. Christ “exegesised” Himself; He was the exegesis, it says in the Bible, from the Word to Incarnate. So the good Word that was in the beginning became revealed in Him that blessed us. It’s a double blessing. So, “spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ,” and we may talk about this “in the heavenlies” at another time; I don’t want to run out time. Verse 4: “Even as he chose us in him,” and you probably have marked in your Bible for “chose,” exelexato is the word in the Greek, “chose out for Himself.” This is the verse that spawned all of those doctrines of eternal security. He chose us for Himself.

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