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House of God by Pastor Melissa Scott

We were reading in Revelation, Jesus is in the midst of the Churches. Now I want you to follow my line of thinking. Jesus is in the midst of the Churches and yet—the letter being sent to the seven Churches in Asia, which is the universal Church, which is the Church through history, through time—yet evil still crept into the Church with Jesus in the midst.

I want you to think about that because a lot of people will say “Well, a House of God should never have that.” Well, go back to the Garden, that’s the original House of God. Satan still found a way in there. That’s why we have the Parable of the Wheat and Tares, not only applying to you and me in the world but underneath the canopy of the Church. It says ‘Leave it to grow there until harvest time. The wheat I’ll put in my barn; the tares will be burnt up, but leave it there until then.’

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that there are places in God’s Book where Faith can’t work until He activates it. Let me explain. Read Philemon, in the letter written by Paul to Philemon you’ll read something that probably most of us—including myself until I read it, really read it—overlooked. Onesimus stole something from his master, Philemon, and ran away.

Philemon’s house was an ekklesia, it was a Church and under his master’s roof where Onesimus lived, where he served, he couldn’t be saved. He stole something and he ran away. Divine providence, believe it or not, made him run to where Paul was—in prison. I don’t know how Onesimus heard Paul, but he heard the Gospel preached by Paul and he was saved. It couldn’t happen in his own household where he lived and served but it happened there.

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