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The Decree Of Darius by Pastor Melissa Scott

After the sixty-ninth week of Daniel there is a gap of time. But the most important thing is not the time that has elapsed; the most important date for interpreting this prophecy is its starting point: the time of the going forth of the decree. In verse 25, it says “from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem.” Different interpreters use different dates for this event: there was the decree of Cyrus, the decree of Darius, the decree in Ezra’s day, and the decree to Nehemiah.  But there is only one that qualifies as the decree to rebuild the city.  That was the decree issued to Nehemiah in 444 BC; it is the only decree that fits the text.  And if you calculate the seventy weeks of years using the starting point of 444 BC, that brings you to 33 AD.

Now my husband, Dr Gene Scott, has taught extensively on this. There are many books you can find of this subject which use a number of different calculations to arrive at the date of Jesus’ crucifixion. The problem with their calculations is that these books do not recognize the correct date of Jesus’ death. So all of their calculations are a hodge-podge. I’m really not that traditional, but it took me a long time studying with Dr. Scott to break some of those traditional ideas. There are some who will hear this teaching and they’ll say, “Well, I like all that teaching but that’s not what I was brought up, so it must be wrong, because that’s not what I know.”  I remember I was devastated to find out that certain things didn’t happen when I thought they really did, because that’s what I had been conditioned to believe. But it didn’t happen that way and anyone who takes the time to examine the facts will see that it is true. Because if you’re like me you’re going to want to see it for yourself and that’s okay. As long as once you see it you say, “I know what the truth is now.”

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that one challenge is to find the birth date of Jesus. Some people have the idea that He must have been born in the year 0, but there was no “year 0.” If He was thirty-three years old when He was crucified, then He had to either be born in 1 BC or in 1 AD, but some records say He was born around 5 BC.  Given the fact that there is no “year 0” and from 1 BC to 1 AD makes only one year, if you are trying to determine the time interval between 444 BC to 33 AD, you come out with 476 years, not 477 years.

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