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Living The Best To The Best by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the fact of the matter is that no one wants to discipline themself to say, “what is entailed in bringing about that ideal man?  Hearing the word of God, living the best to the best of my abilities – I’m not talking about do-do and the don’t-do. I’m talking about what we’ve been taught: faith, faith, faith.

And then what? My trials, my tribulations, good times, bad times. The ideal man is what this church exists to bring forth. And God help me if I helped one person understand why we’re here. It’s not to have an entertaining service. I don’t want to entertain you. I want to bring forth people. I want t be able to stand on that day and say, “to the best of my ability, God, what you enabled me to do that I might help others that, just like Dr. Scott did” he tried to lead people the right direction and get away from those traditions that make void the word of God, to lead people to cross the finish line. Not just “I might make it in just because I believe.” “I’m charging through. Move out of my way.” now, you may be seated. You may be seated.

Now I’ve done a whole bunch of review for you. Now I want us to focus on something. Everything that I just said for the last whatever minutes that I said it, will be confirmed in Paul’s writing. Now I want to take you back to the book of Ephesians today and we’re going to finish off the first chapter. I gave all this background because Paul is going to show us that this is not some invention of a brilliant mind. Dr. Scott had a brilliant mind. But this is not some invention of brilliant mind. In fact this is more biblical than most anything you’re going to find. This taxonomy breaks it down for us to understand. And Paul’s writing will confirm that. Now I want to focus in.

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