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The Greatest Testimony by Pastor Melissa Scott

Watch how everybody discounts him. Ananias says, “this is the man that was breathing out threatenings. Don’t trust him!  He had such a reputation. So for him to invent this cockamamie story that the Lord knocked him off of a horse and he got converted and had this Damascus road experience and now the Lord tells him to get up and to go somewhere and wait for somebody to come and give him his sight.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it’s the most preposterous story in the whole Bible or the greatest proof of the power that comes in to any container to take over and can take the most hardened, worst person in societies’ eyes: Saul of Tarsus, accuser of and destroyer of the church into the greatest evangelist and responsible for the bulk of the New Testament. Here’s not a man like, you know some others say, “well now this particular disciple and head of the church, the early Church heard from another witness who heard from another witness that he had exposure to the risen Lord.” you’re getting it straight from an eyewitness to Jesus. The greatest testimony of the power of God to change a person comes in by way of this. These forces, they’re unseen forces and they change your inside.

Now there’s going to be people saying, “Well do I have this power? Yes, you have this power. From the moment you first faithed in Christ and the Spirit comes in, that deposit that we’ve already taught on, you are endued with that power. You are endued to say turn around, it’s the power that lets you open your mouth and say, “I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus name.” you rebuke those things that come upon you. It’s that power an ordinary man would say, “that’s foolishness. That person’s lost their nuggets.

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