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The Blood of Christ by Pastor Melissa Scott

Let’s make a list. Let’s write down a list of all the things we could do as “good”, to be presented and weighed in the balance.  For example, I could do things for elderly people and I could be seen of all people as a humble worker feeding the poor.

I could do all those things, write them on a list and put them in a scale and let the balance weigh whether the shed blood of Christ and my little piddling things that I think I did, that, to me, are as great as Mount Vesuvius.  But God views those like a little ant hill. “You want me to accept that in place of what my Son did?” Talk about insulting God!

Pastor Melissa Scott continues her teaching:  This is what I love about the Bible. Everything you ever wanted to know is in there, and then some. The one thing that you can be sure of, Paul is talking right there about salvation. And in future teaching, I will show you by comparison other texts that will lead the way.

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