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God’s the Boss by Pastor Melissa Scott

Pastor Scott continues her teaching on the “Potter’s House.” 

And of course my analogy (of the Potter’s House, God being the potter) breaks down because we have a tendency to think that somehow the potter’s work is easy. Well it’s easy if you’ve got malleable clay. It’s easy if you’ve got the water that’s flowing on this vessel. It’s easy if you understand submission to the potter.

Now I think it’s interesting we have four principles. Most of you will have these in your Bible. If you don’t, you can just put them somewhere.

Starting point number one: God’s the boss. The supremacy and the sovereignty of God, His divine governing we saw in the Book of Ephesians. In the economy of God, the principle is that God had the absolute right to do with this piece of clay what He wants. And if He wants to mash it and throw it in the trash, that’s His business not yours.

Likewise for every person sitting beside you. Same thing. We have this idea: “Hey look God, you’ve got a hard enough time with all these other pieces of clay around me. I think you should let me govern the wheel, let me adjust the speed. I can do that you know. I can be trusted to do that.”

God’s the boss. The perfect illustration Isaiah says it and Paul says it, “Doth the clay say to the potter, ‘what makest thou?’ Does the clay have the right to talk back to the potter?”

Too many times we can read by a passage in the Bible and say, “Well that’s somebody else.” But you start reading Romans 9 and really recognize what Paul’s saying: God’s is saying, “I’ll have mercy on whom I want to have mercy. One vessel made to honor, another to dishonor. Jacob I love, Esau I hated.” He had every single right to do what He wanted to do.


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