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God Wants Your All by Pastor Melissa Scott

God will have nothing less than all of you. And that God would take such stuff on which to build His Kingdom as typified in the Adullamites and illustrated in the disciples tells me that it means a lot to Him to have 100 percent. He will start over with such as these, like the parable Jesus told of a certain man who made a great supper and sent invitations. And all those invited made excuses. One had a wife, another had a yoke of oxen to look at, another had a piece of ground. The man said to his servant, “Bring in the lame and the halt.” (Luke 14:16-24)

Pastor Scott continues in her teaching: When God calls, He wants all of you; that is a serious side of this message. That God would take such as these means He will have nothing less. You might, on the surface, be head and shoulders above the Adullamites. You might be a giant in character and deed like Jonathan, and you might help God more than some of those miserable complainers that came and made him captain; but they made him captain. There is nothing mystical about that; you just stop being the boss and let Him be the boss. That’s all it is.

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