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Stop – - Leave the Outer Court by Pastor Melissa Scott

Paul said, “We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen.” (2 Corinthians 4:18)

The problem of outer court ministry is: “It’s so good I can’t find sufficient reason to leave it.”

There will never come a break in the pressure out there. As quickly as I lead a man into a sacrifice for sins, right behind him is another man with a trespass offering. Just as quickly as I lead him into that specific repentant act, behind him is a man with a burnt offering. As quickly as I lead him in dedication, behind him is another one. Down the valley and up the hill, as far as you look, human need is lined up. There will never come a break time when you’ve got it all done in the outer court.

The only way you will start ministering to the Lord is just—stop! You just stop and you tune it out and you bring Him in. Does He have to tap you on the shoulder? No! They had to just leave the outer court and go in there.

I settled my faith one day after studying the Resurrection. As Jesus said to the sign hunters, “There will be no sign given you, but the sign of Jonah,” and He linked that to His own death and Resurrection. When God brings His Son out of the tomb, then and there, He proves He keeps His Word. 

It took me to reach a point where I said, “There’s no other explanation: He came out of that tomb.”

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