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What Did Jesus Think About “Born Again”? by Pastor Melissa Scott


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“To be born again” is not something super-mystical. We have grown up in the church and inherited words that I call “spiritual semantical massage.” People shout about them and then walk out of the service not knowing what they mean. Pardon the bluntness: “to be born again” is not some experience that is going to cause lights to go off and glue you to the ceiling or anything like that.

Jesus was dumbfounded that Nicodemus, a teacher in Israel, did not understand what it meant to be born again. And He was dumbfounded that a man who didn’t want to accept the truth would engage in rhetoric and try to make something complicated that was not complicated. “To be born again” was an ordinary phrase of the day when Jesus was here. When a Jew proselytized a Roman until a Roman changed his mind in regard to the Roman deities, ceased to serve his own god and accepted the one God, Jehovah, he was said to be born again. It was a statement parlayed all through the land.  Pastor Scott continues, here was a teacher trying to use rhetoric to complicate simple things; and Jesus was mystified that Nicodemus didn’t know what it was to be born again: to be born again is to change your mind.

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