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The Message of Abram by Pastor Melissa Scott

So the message of Abram was “from the place where thou art.” “I don’t have anything. I’ve just lost the best. I’ve come back from failure, and I’ve returned to the tent and to the altar. I’ve given myself to You; now what?”

Look up! Lift up now, not tomorrow, now. From where you are, lift up now thine eyes, and do what? Arise and walk.

“Well now, God, You spoke and the worlds were created, why don’t You send an angel down? If You really are going to do what You said, I’ll believe it if You send an angel now and pick me up from between these two mountains and carry me east, and carry me west, and carry me north, and carry me south. Then I’ll believe You.

Show me a sign, Lord. Show me a sign, then I’ll believe You.”

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