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What is the salvation? by Pastor Melissa Scott

What is the salvation?

It is personal: He knows your name; He wants you. It is not just something loosely thrown out. He wants you.

The message is “Fear not, shameful thing that you may be. Fear not.

God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you, and ‘thou shalt eat bread at my
table continually.’” You know what I like about that table? When
Mephibosheth came up to the king’s table and slid his knees under it, he
looked like every other son of the king sitting there. Glory to God! No
crippled knees showing under the Lord’s table. God for Christ’s sake
hath forgiven you!

Now, what is the response? That is why I preach. You know, I
have got a little bit of Moses’ attitude and I talk back to God on occasion.
I am guilty of foolishly wanting to claim more from God than I should.
But when I look at this chapter and look at Jesus on Calvary and know
way down deep what God has done for me, I learn what the neo-orthodox
theologians in one of their few really good contributions have said: the
only adequate motivation for Christian service is a realization of sins
forgiven. You can’t whip people into performance.

That is what is wrong with second and third generation Christianity. They are whipped into serving God. But when you know you are a shameful thing and you have wandered in Lodebar finding no satisfaction, and God just brings you in and lets your knees slip under His table and you eat bountifully from His table, then you have a reaction.

Pastor Scott continues, it is crude Old Testament language, but this is what I call real
repentance: “What is thy servant, that thou shouldest look upon such a
dead dog as I am?” Mephibosheth didn’t say, “It’s about time you
thought of me, David. After all, my dad was the king and I have been
stumbling around on these crippled knees long enough. The least you
could have done was come after me sooner.” He said, “What is thy

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