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Ministry to the House by Pastor Melissa Scott

Now, what is this ministry to the house?
In the laws of the offerings in the Old Testament, God established a pattern of talking first about that which is closest to Him. But in application, when He tells you
how to come to Him, He makes you start with that which is closest to
you. So God speaks first of the burnt offering and then speaks of the
sacrifice for the people. But let me turn it around and speak of the
sacrifice for the people first, followed by the burnt offering, because that
was the way you came to God in that day.  The sacrifice for the people encompassed the broad group of sacrifices called the “sin offerings.”

There were two kinds of sin offerings. Most people, when they are made aware of sin, or if you ask them why they are a sinner, they will start cataloging the things they have done. Or if they think they are not a sinner, they will tell you what they haven’t done. Those are the trespasses: the specific things that you know violate God’s rules, which
you know you are guilty of, and you can specify them.

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